IPhone 12 repair is more expensive than iPhone 11

The cost of repairing the iPhone 12 is higher than that of the iPhone 11, Apple has confirmed, but the cost of replacing the new glass-protected displays Ceramic Shield on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro it is the same as repairing the screen on iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple has updated its support page to reveal the new costs and fees.

Screen costs remain unchanged

Apple publishes its out-of-warranty prices for repairs done by Apple itself, the good news is that the screen repair costs haven’t changed for the Pro model. This still costs $ 279 for an out-of-warranty repair, the same than for iPhone 11 Pro. If you have AppleCare +, the cost is also unchanged at $ 29.

The costs for the “Other Damages” category have not yet changed from last year, as the fee is $ 549. With AppleCare +, it is still reduced to $ 99.

Repairing the base iPhone 12 increases its cost

However, there is bad news for those who have ordered the base model iPhone 12. The cost to repair the screen has increased from $ 199 to $ 279. That is probably the downside of the switch to the same OLED screen as the Pro, although Apple has also increased the cost of “Other Damage” from $ 399 to $ 449. AppleCare + repair costs are again $ 29 for displays and $ 99 for anything else.

The Verge notes that ceramic glass displays are used on all iPhone 12 models in an attempt to make the need for a repair less likely.

The new ceramic-hardened displays are used in the iPhone 12 series, which Apple says is “stronger than any smartphone glass” with four times the resistance to drop damage.

Here’s what Apple has to say about what to expect from the new coating:

The iPhone already had the toughest glass in a smartphone. To make the iPhone 12 even stronger, we had to create a completely new material: Ceramic Shield.

We created the Ceramic Shield by inserting ceramic nanocrystals into the glass, which are much stronger than most metals. It sounds easy, but it is actually a very complex process, as ceramic is not transparent. We had to control the type of crystals and the degree of crystallization to develop an exclusive formula that would allow us to reach the maximum level of hardness of the ceramic without losing transparency. This revolutionary advancement made the Ceramic Shield the ideal display solution. It’s never been used in a phone, and it’s stronger than any other smartphone glass.

As well as being tough, we also wanted it to be scratch proof. That’s why we use the same dual ion exchange process that we use on glass back, to provide protection against bumps, scratches and the wear and tear of everyday use.

Beyond Ceramic Shield, there is one more thing that contributes to the durability of the front cover. It sits flush with the edge of the phone, helping to further protect it. In total, we have quadrupled drop performance, the largest year-over-year improvement ever made for the iPhone.

Beyond the Ceramic Shield, there is a detail that makes the front of the phone even more resistant: the screen extends to the edges to provide greater protection. The result is an iPhone four times more resistant to falls, the biggest advance made in a year.