iPad Pro with OLED screen possibly in 2021

It begins the last week of November this year, we have seen many surprises in the changing world of technology, however, the best is yet to come and that is that users every time we want to be surprised, for this reason Apple is not far behind and evolves its products every year, Next we tell you about the rumors of the possible iPad Pro with OLED screen for 2021

iPad Pro 2020
iPad Pro 2020

According to what was presented this year, Apple strongly bets on OLED screens, we have already seen it on their mobile phones and it has been mentioned that the launch of the first iPad Pro model with Mini-LED backlighting is expected in the first half of 2021, that is, we will have a design renewal and it will be announced possibly in March .

Availability iPad Pro 2020

Given these rumors, The Elec, affirms that the bitten apple brand plans to launch new iPad Pro models with OLED screens in the second half of the year, as it has been mentioned that both Samsung and LG are already in the process of developing OLED screens for Apple, these would be used in the iPad Pro, according to the report.

The iPad Pro with OLED screen could only arrive for 12.9 inches so far

In this way, several of the rumors to date indicate that the OLED or Mini-LED backlight could be reserved for a new 12.9-inch high-end iPad Pro only and it is mentioned again that it will be released around March, on the other hand, it is possible that the rest of the iPad Pro line will continue to use traditional LCDs until they are updated with OLED screens later in the year.

iPad Pro 2020

Regarding the screens that are intended to be incorporated into these large devices, Mini-LED and OLED technologies share many of the same benefits over traditional LCDs, as is already known. include higher brightness, better contrast ratio and higher energy efficiency among others, The brand of the bitten apple already uses OLED technology for current iPhones and of course in the Apple Watch that has been shown to be energy efficient speaking.

Apple prepares big changes for the iPad

The last time Apple updated the iPad Pro was in March 2020, however, it was a relatively minor update, among its new features they showed an A12Z Bionic chip which is essentially a A12X chip with an additional GPU core enabled, a Ultra Wide camera, a LiDAR scanner for enhanced augmented reality and better-sounding microphones. This was the first update to the iPad Pro since the device received a major redesign in October 2018.

In this way the rumors suggest that Apple could present a renewal of the iPad Pro relatively superior to the one presented this year but a bit half since not all sizes of this device would be ready.