iOS 14.5 beta 1: unlocking the iPhone with Face ID + Apple Watch and more news revealed

Apple surprised us yesterday with iOS 14.5 beta 1 and also iPadOS 14.5 for developers. Perhaps one of the most anticipated versions in the year since iOS 14 came out, since for the first time it will be possible to unlock an iPhone with Face ID by having a mask on. In addition to this important novelty, The update includes new privacy-focused features and some improvements to native iOS apps.

iOS 14.5 beta 1 now available for developers and more

In addition to these versions, developers can now access the watchOS 7.4 and tvOS 14.5 betas. The version of the Apple Watch will be essential to have the aforementioned unlocking novelty with Face ID. Among the most attractive novelties we have the following:

  • 5G compatibility for dual-SIM on iPhone 12.
  • Financial health options available in the Wallet app
  • Apple Card Family, multi-user accounts to use the Apple credit card.
  • Unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch while wearing a mask (because COVID-19).
  • Apple Fitness + event streaming with AirPlay 2.
  • Updated support with new remotes for the Xbox Series S / X and PlayStation 5 consoles for iPhone and iPad.

Visual novelties discovered by users and developers (Via 9to5Mac)

As is customary, whenever a new beta comes out with news, users and developers who have access to the latest beta share images of what is coming in the final version on Twitter. This is what has been appreciated in iOS 14.5 beta 1.

In the section of Software updates for both iOS and watchOS we will see a new interface. A green background icon is added with an update check.

The Podcasts app will have a little facelift when accessing a specific podcast. The interface is very similar to what we see in Apple Music today.Podcasts App on iOS 14.5 beta 1

If you are one of the users who uses Siri to interact with the iPhone, you will notice a new interface to write and send messages with Apple’s smart assistant. Also added a new command “Hey Siri, call 911”.

The Reminders app receives support for ordering and printing lists, something very important if you use this app.

One last but not least is that in iPadOS (finally) it will show you the bitten apple horizontally. How long did Apple take to do something so simple?

When could this final version arrive?

This date could coincide with a new Apple Event, this in case it happened in the month of March. If we take into account that a month and a half is the maximum development time of a beta testing period, we could see the new final versions between the second and third week of March.

If Apple is not in a hurry and takes the time to polish these new versions, specifically those of iOS and watchOS, they will be arriving in the middle of March and hopefully the announcement of the first Apple Event of 2021 could be (also) given.

Personally, I am very pleased that the Cupertino people have thought of a smart solution for unlocking iPhones with Face ID when using a mask. Yes, it is true that other smartwatches or smart bracelets can unlock an Android device but we know that Apple will do it in its own style.

What function do you find most interesting? Tell us your impressions in the comments.