In short: VLC Media Player for M1 Macs +++ Foxconn’s new MacBook factory in Vietnam

The popular VLC Media Player, a kind of Swiss Army Knife for video formats, is now also available in a new version for ARM Macs. This is to be taken literally, because the software is not available as a universal binary. Instead, the VideoLAN Organization published an independent version that works exclusively on the completely new generation of Macs. The selection menu of the desired Downloads looks like this:

The current version number is VLC 3.0.12. In addition to M1 support, it also includes bug fixes, from which the Intel version also benefits. The talk is, among other things, of improved UI under macOS Big Sur and some bug fixes that should eliminate sound problems during playback. In the Release Notes are available for troubleshooting and support of the RIST protocol. VLC Media Player can be used free of charge, but donations are explicitly requested.