In short: Apple has to take a stand on data protection labels +++ Chrome soon with Face ID and Touch ID for incognito tabs

The US House of Representatives wants answers
Apple’s “Nutrition Labels”, which can be found in the App Store for iOS and macOS, provide clear and easily comprehensible information about the data collected by developers. Although the category system is only a few weeks old, there is already resentment: The information provided is often inadequate or incorrect, and Apple is not paying enough attention to compliance with the new requirements. The Washington Post took a sample a few days ago and found sobering that many applications had false information (we reported).

The US House of Representatives’ Committee on Energy and Commerce took the knowledge gained from the Washington Post as an opportunity to conduct a To write a letter to Tim Cook – and ask him to precisely verify the information provided by the developers. Cook has until February 23 to comment on the committee’s questions: The MPs would like to know, among other things, how Apple checks the data protection information of the developers and how often this happens. In addition, the politicians are asking about the sanctions that incorrectly identified labels result in.