In short: According to the report, Tesla cars can soon be unlocked via UWB +++ Apple stops signing iOS 14.3

Report: Tesla relies on ultra-broadband
When Apple first donated the U1 chip to a product, interest in the associated ultra-broadband technology was rather restrained. This is not all that surprising: The areas of application are largely limited to a few features such as the prioritization of AirDrop contacts. In addition to the HomePod mini, two iPhone series and the Apple Watch Series 6 are now equipped with the U1 – and the competition also wants to shine with ultra-broadband features (see).

One of the most exciting functions of this technology is unlocking a car: This is currently already possible, but the user has to use the watch or the iPhone. Thanks to ultra-broadband, it will be sufficient in future to carry a compatible smartphone or watch with you. Tesla seems to have taken a liking to this principle: Now report The Verge namely from a leaked document from the FCC (“Federal Communications Commission”). This indicates that future models from the manufacturer can be opened via ultra broadband. According to the leaks, the new model series have several “endpoints” in the vehicles to ensure that they work smoothly. Since these are standardized technology standards, Apple devices are also compatible.