In a nutshell: Problems with the renewal of Apple One & MagSafe Duo could be available for purchase on December 16th

Apple One: Renewals do not work for some users
Cupertino’s bundle service Apple One started a month ago – depending on the model selected, the price is 14.95 or 19.95 euros. Users get access to Music, TV +, Arcade and iCloud storage – either 50 GB for individuals or 200 GB in the family variant. So far, subscribers have not been billed for any fees – the first month of the bundle is free to try. After the test phase, the regular debiting should be due today for the first customers – but this does not seem to work entirely.

For example, some users report that their Apple One subscription is labeled “expired” – and has therefore not received an automatic renewal, as Cupertino actually intended. In addition, some of these services are now billed separately: In these cases, subscribers have to shell out significantly more. To make sure that you have been charged correctly, we recommend that you take a look at your subscriptions: on the iPhone, go to Settings and tap your name. There you will find the item “Subscriptions”.

MagSafe Duo before Christmas?
With the MagSafe Duo, two devices can be inductively charged at the same time – the accessories are also amazingly portable. So far, those interested have only looked at the product pictures of the charger: The MagSafe Duo, which costs 145.20 euros, is still not available for purchase. You can’t elicit more than a “Coming soon” from the Apple Online Store. Now the Swiss dealer Digitec Galaxus is listing the accessories Website on – and narrow down the period of publication. At first it was said that the charger could be picked up or delivered from December 21st – meanwhile the Apple-authorized company names December 16th as the release date. Delivery of the charger shortly before Christmas is not unlikely: the accessories have received all relevant approvals that are essential for sale.