Campaign to join the apps coalition against Apple

It’s been a few months since we talked about the existence of the so-called application fairness coalition. This is the result of the union of a few companies and entities that seek to limit the power of Apple in terms of the established percentage that it charges developers for each application uploaded to the App Store. This coalition is getting stronger and now much more with the new, important and illustrious accessions.

The Coalition for App Fairness was formed in september, having as founding partners Epic Games, Spotify and Tile among others. It so happens that these members currently have an open dispute with Apple for monopoly. In October a good number more companies joined and now in december, They have taken a giant step with new additions.

The coalition was born with the idea of ​​drawing attention to its problems with Apple’s App Store practices to generate change. These may be closer than ever since the new adhesions They are the main US news publishers. The New York Times, NPR, ESPN, The Washington Post, Bloomberg and many more have come together to push against what the coalition calls the “Apple tax.”

The members of this new union, combined, come to a audience of more than 223 million unique visitors and 100% of the US online population. The organization’s argument is that Apple forces publishers to use in-app payments for services like subscriptions. As a result, some publishers need to raise their prices to account for the so-called “Apple tax,” or commission, on these purchases.

Apple is increasingly on the ropes in this land of monopoly with its commissions. The time may not be far off when the Californian company have to modify your agreements.