iFixit shares AirPods Max teardown

iFixit traditionally shares a teardown of every new Apple product, and this time it was no different from the AirPods Max.

iFixit shares AirPods Max teardown

While this is more like a first look at the internal components of the headphones, iFixit said that the AirPods Max they are not as easy to disassemble as other on-ear headphones.

As we already know, AirPods Max They come with two 40mm dynamic drivers, two magnetic ear pads, eight microphones for noise cancellation, and two H1 chips inside, one for each side of the earbuds.

An X-ray of the AirPods Max revealed that Apple’s on-ear headphones have two battery cells, but both are in a single earbud. iFixit noticed that there are some solder joints and wires near the batteries, but they have not yet found the connectors to easily replace the batteries.

Other details that could be seen were:

  • Lots of little magnets to align the earbuds with your Smart Case and ear pads.
  • Two huge double ring drivers.
  • Two battery cells, both in the same right earbud.

While the speaker units appear to be protected with screws, there are parts of the headphones that contain glue. iFixit had to warm up the headphones to be able to completely disassemble them. “These headphones are not as easy to disassemble as they suggest (or as you would expect from other headphones),” says the company.

You can see below the pictures showing the internal components such as the Bluetooth chip, the audio amplifier, the accelerometer and more.

iFixit comments that the drivers of the headphones are quite large, measuring 40 mm each and are dynamic.

This class of drivers are compact and lightweight, as well as being more affordable than the rest of the currently existing technologies. Their size can be used as an indicator of the quality of sound they can reproduce, although it is not the only variable to check.

iFixit says it will share a deeper teardown of the AirPods Max in the coming days.