How will users benefit from 5G on the new iPhone 12?

The new iPhone 12 is here to revolutionize the market for smartphone, being the 5G technology one of the most anticipated additions that have even increased the price of its components but providing clear advantages for users. Next, we explain what 5G is and the benefits it entails for iPhone devices.

What is 5G?

Much is said about 5G today, but perhaps some do not know what it is in a concrete way. 5G is the new generation of mobile broadband which is gradually spreading throughout the world, which requires an investment in infrastructure by the operators and, of course, compatible mobiles. In Spain we had to retune the DTT channels due to the deployment of the new networks. 5G technology uses up to three different band spectra to adapt to the needs of different communication fields, including telephony users. 5G networks present 10 Gbps maximum speeds and excessively low latencies, which translates into higher data transmission speeds over the Internet and better information transfer between devices. In addition, operators improve the efficiency of their networks, increasing data security and antennas capable of supporting numerous users connected at the same time.

High connection speed with 5G on iPhone 12

The most obvious advantage is a high speed with which we can download files on the Internet, such as applications or videos. It must be borne in mind that although a 5G network transfers data at 10 Gbps, the speeds of an iPhone, or any other mobile device that uses them, will be only 100 Mbps for download and 50 Mbps for upload. Although according to real tests, the line speed on iPhone depends in part on the operator and the region. An improvement over the previous 4G network that was becoming obsolete given the needs of the times, although they will coexist for a few years while the new technology is standardized.

Lower latency for online services

Latency is how long it takes for data to travel from one point to another, so the lower it is, the more efficient the communication will be. A lower latency enhances online services that have become so popular in recent years such as television in streaming or games in the cloud. Thanks to 5G we can enjoy Netflix movies and series no cuts or loss of image quality. Likewise, the response of games in the cloud improves, being a technology that executes the programs on external servers, although we see the result on the screen. In this sense, the experience of casino games on portals on-line with an immediate response, improving the new roulette mode on-line where we interact with other players and see their bets in real time, just like other games of chance.

Energy and resource optimization

Devices that use 5G are able to optimize their energy, saving battery. IPhone mobiles are capable of reducing their energy consumption depending on the use of the data network, increasing during full use and lowering consumption at rest. Even with everything, an iPhone managing the 5G network at all times uses more battery than in the 4G network, having a difference of 2 hours. But this also happens in devices of other brands. However, the normal thing is that users alternate the use of their mobiles, with rest times.

Data security and encryption

Another advantage of 5G networks is security, 5G have encryption that prevents malicious people from accessing the information that passes through it, such as passwords, messages or photographs. This makes iPhone 12 devices ideal for both personal and corporate use, so that no one has access to important data.

The 5G networks are the future and the iPhone 12 is fully compatible. The many advantages are diverse, better Internet connection speed, lower latency, energy optimization and security. Additionally, Apple will periodically update the software to make your devices more efficient, being able to improve performance and even battery consumption in the future.