How to use Digital Touch to send messages with pictures, heartbeats, and other effects

The Messages app is available on both the iPhone and iPad, as well as other devices such as the Apple Watch and the Mac. Have you tried to be more expressive in your sent messages? Today we will teach you to send heartbeats, fireballs and even impregnate kisses in a recording you make with your iPhone or iPad thanks to Digital Touch.

Digital Touch, a function left by the original Apple Watch

You may not remember it but this function was born thanks to the launch of the Apple Watch. Since there was no better way to communicate on the watch, the Cupertinos decided it would be a fun and new way to communicate from a small device. After they saw potential in this feature, Digital Touch came to the Messages app on the iPhone and iPad in iOS 10.Digital-Touch-presentation

You are probably a user who prefers to communicate via WhatsApp or Telegram or other messaging apps. It is useful to learn something new and this time we will show you how you can send creative messages with Digital Touch.

An interesting function with many possibilities to have fun and be more expressive with messages

This feature is wonderful and after using it for a while it can help you surprise someone with a creative message made by you. Viewing messages with Digital Touch is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with a version higher than iOS 10. Also for Apple Watch and Mac of recent versions.

  1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Locate the contact you want to send a message to with Digital Touch.Digital Touch iPhone
  3. Remember that there are app extensions in Messages, you must click on the heart icon on a black background.
  4. You will already have the space available to exploit your creativity.

Draw or write freelyDraw or send a message with Digital Touch

  1. Select a color from the color palette that you will find by clicking the icon on the left side.
  2. If you need a little more space you can extend the top line up.
  3. Once you have finished drawing an arrow with a blue background will appear, press on it to send the drawing or message.

Send heartbeatsSend-heart-beats

  1. Here you will need to press on the black space for a long time with two fingers.
  2. Leave the screen pressed for as long as you want, depending on the time you keep pressed, the beats will be sent.
  3. Take both fingers off the screen when you want to send the message.

Circular splashes of colorsTouches of colors

  1. If you press the black space one or more times with a single finger, you can send touches in a circle.
  2. Touch as many times as you want, at the end the message will be sent as it happens with the heartbeat.
  3. A little tip: if you want to send touches of different colors press as fast as you can the color palette icon and change color. Next, go back to the black space to continue sending touches.

Use the camera of your device to be more expressive with the drawingsSend photo or video with Digital Touch drawings

  1. Press the camera icon on the gray background.
  2. You can take a photo (white button) or record a small video clip (red button) with your front or front camera. If you record a video you can draw before or during the recording.
  3. You can also do the same effects as if it were black space.
  4. If you want to send a ball of fire you just need to hold down the screen with one finger and move around the shot.
  5. If you want to send a few kisses, just tap once with two fingers.
  6. And if you are somewhat disappointed with love, touch and hold the area with two fingers and drag down.
  7. Finally, if you are not satisfied with the result taken or recorded, you can press in the upper left corner of the shot box to cancel.

We hope that in a future update we can receive some tactile response when heartbeats are sent to us on the iPhone or even on the iPad, which would be difficult.

Did you already know how to use this Digital Touch function? Tell us in the comments, what picture or message do you like to send in the Messages app? If you want to consult the official Apple support for the use of Digital Touch we leave it here.