How to unlock iPhone using face mask

We arrive in the middle of the week and we bring you many good news from Apple, in this post we will tell you how the brand of the bitten apple is making it easier than ever to unlock your iPhone, even though you use a mask or mask (depending on how it is known in your country), we also indicate how to enable the function and how to use it.

Face ID with mask

One of the first ways that we indicate is “use the Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone”, this is an option to speed up the process of unlocking your iPhone while using a mask, it is worth mentioning that for this method you need some things. Of course your iPhone and logically like an Apple Watch. Remember that both devices must be updated to the latest Apple operating systems.

For this option, you need iOS 14.5 as well as watchOS 7.4. And even though both are currently in beta testing with developers ahead of a public beta phase and an eventual public release, if you can download to test the function. However, from iOSMac we recommend not testing beta versions on your main device.

To unlock with Apple Watch, follow the next steps:

1. Open Settings on iPhone
2. Go to Face ID and passcode
3. Activate “Unlock with Apple Watch”
4. Once the new Unlock with Apple Watch feature is set up, you slide your finger up to unlock your iPhone, just like you always have.

Apple Watch apps

Now, when you go to unlock your iPhone, the following message will appear “Unlock with Apple Watch”, at the same time your Apple Watch will say “Unlock iPhone” accordingly. As this happens, you will get a touch on your wrist letting you know that it is unlocking your iPhone.

It should be added that there is a useful “Lock” button on the clock screen, this button allows you to lock iPhone again if you did not intend to unlock your mobile in the first place.

The facilities, advantages and disadvantages of unlocking the iPhone with the Apple Watch

This whole process is quite streamlined, and in most cases, you won’t even notice the “unlock” screen, as the phone will just go straight to the home screen. This way to unlock it’s almost as instant as Face ID and certainly faster and easier than unlocking with a six-digit passcode. However, it has some limitations.

Touch ID and FaceID

There are some significant limitations when we opt for the way to unlock the iPhone using the Apple Watch and that is that even though the Apple Watch will authenticate and allow you to use your iPhone, it doesn’t go as far as real Face ID in strong security.

For one thing, it is still required use your Apple ID passcode or password when making an Apple Pay purchase through your iPhone or buy an app. It is true that it has nothing to do with unlocking the iPhone but it goes hand in hand because it is a security issue.

And it is that although you can make app purchases, as well as Apple Pay payments on the Apple Watch, it does not authenticate on your iPhone as an additional layer of security. That way, although at least it’s easy to unlock your iPhone, paying for something won’t work without making sure it’s you.

To explain through an example, think if you were on a plane and taking a nap someone could take your iPhone while you were napping, unlock your phone with the Apple Watch you’re wearing, then access your password vault, send money through Apple Pay Cash, or make Apple Pay payments online without your knowledge.

apple pay

It is for this reason that it does not allow access to no restricted area of ​​the phone that is protected by Face ID. It goes without saying that the Face ID and Passcode section and the Passwords sections of the Settings app, password protected apps like password managers or banking apps, or locked notes, to name a few examples, are included.