How to share a video to YouTube in the new Final Cut Pro update

With the arrival of macOS Big Sur, several apps saw the light of a new update with all the improvements that Mac with M1 chip represent. One of them is Final Cut Pro that introduced new functions to share videos on Facebook and they have forgotten about YouTube. In this tutorial we will show you how to enable a direct button to export a project from the latest version of Final Cut Pro to YouTube.

Changes and improvements but with slight effects in Final Cut Pro

For several years it was possible to edit a video to export it directly to YouTube from Final Cut Pro. It was faster than doing the normal export, logging into YouTube, and so on. Now with the new version 10.15.1 This is no longer possible, so we’ll show you how to upload a Final Cut Pro video for YouTube. This option also includes a social network like Facebook.Final Cut Pro on macOS Big Sur

It is also not possible to recover the pre-upgrade settings. So if you were already adapted to uploading videos to YouTube, you will have to discover this new way.

Set up the new feature to upload videos to YouTube

  1. Click on the menu button File -> Share. Or just look for the Share icon.
  2. Then choose Add destination.
  3. Drag the YouTube and Facebook icon to the list.
  4. Click on YouTube in the list of destinations.
  5. Move the cursor over the new destination to edit the name (which can be YouTube & Facebook)
  6. Choose a suitable resolution for your video
  7. Select the option to encode faster or with better quality
  8. Click the Close button in the upper left to finish.New Share button for YouTube and Facebook in Final Cut Pro

This way you will have the button again ready to export a Final Cut Pro project. Although it is true it no longer works in the old way, but what it is possible to have ready is the resolution of the video and the encoding with higher quality or faster.

How to use the new feature to share a video on YouTube

  1. Select a project from the Final Cut Pro timeline, and then click Share.
  2. Choose the newly created destination.
  3. Next, decide where the video will be saved on your Mac
  4. After saving, load the video separately in the browser of your choice.

Yes, we know that it is no longer shared directly to YouTube but the previous configuration will help you to define the final quality of the video. A user who has not previously uploaded videos will not have to configure anything in the new version of Final Cut Pro.Video resolution and quality parameters

The biggest advantage of this change is that the video will be saved on your Mac, you can send multiple copies to different places or export to different places. Both the title, description and tags that were put in Final Cut Pro will now have to be placed directly in the browser on the YouTube page.

As a complement, you will already have a new option to upload to Facebook defining the aforementioned parameters. Perhaps Apple caught our content creators by surprise, plus those who upgraded to Final Cut Pro immediately. It is a matter of time to adapt to the situation again, if you have a Mac with an M1 chip I am sure you will not care much.

The rendering and export speed is the best, right? Share us in the comment box if these changes affect your performance and productivity when making videos.