System preferences

Another option that Mac users have available is to modify the position of the Dock. Yes, this may sound like Chinese to you if it is your first Mac but this option has been around for years and today we are going to see how we can modify the location of the Dock.

We can leave this Dock with applications in the central part, which is just the place where it comes from, we can change it to the left or right. This option is simple to carry out and each user is free to choose the position of the dock.

As simple as accessing the Dock settings

Minimize windows

This is as simple as accessing the Dock settings and looking for the option “Position on screen” that we find at the top of these settings. In this section we have three options available to choose from: Left, Down and Right. We simply have to click on the one we like the most and that’s it.

In this case, the change is immediate, so we can previously see if we like the location or not and change it on the fly. We can say that this is an option that has many years on its back but that usually only some users take advantage of. In my case I always have the Dock at the bottom and sometimes I see users who have it hidden, but most of them are at the bottom. And you Where do you have the Dock placed on your Mac?