How to make Apple change the screen of your iPhone 11 for free

Even if everyone is acting like there’s nothing but iPhone 12 going forward, chances are, if you have an iPhone 11, you’re more than delighted with its power and reliability, and don’t feel any need to buy the latest one. model (apart from the consumer prick of knowing that you have the latest, but that you find the strength to resist it every time you see the price).

Just in case your iPhone 11 has started to do strange things and thoughts of programmed obsolescence begin to haunt you, find peace again, because Apple has launched a free repair program that will extend the warranty of your screen for another year … yes is that your phone is among those with the fault that Apple has identified, of course.

The iPhone 11 Display Module Replacement Program for Touch Issue (translated: iPhone 11 screen module replacement program with touch sensitivity issues) covers iPhone 11 models manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020 and allows replacing screens that “stop responding due to a problem with the display module ”. The problem does not affect Pro models.

If you think that your iPhone 11 is affected by this situation, you have a specific page for this problem in Apple (It is not translated, surely to make it easier for everyone to do it – ironic tone included), where you can enter the serial number of your phone and check if it is one of the affected devices.

If you are among those accepted, you can contact Apple to have your screen fixed for free using one of the following methods:

In any case, assume that you will be without a phone for a few days.

In addition, if you have already paid for that repair on your iPhone 11, Apple will refund the cost if it is this failure.