How to create stickers with your photos for WhatsApp

The stickers, known in English as stickers, They are a fundamental element to convey our emotions more accurately. Although WhatsApp includes different installed packages and even allows you to download new ones, these may not be enough for you.

Do you have a funny photo worth turning into a sticker? In this guide we show you how you can use your photos as stickers in WhatsApp easily and quickly.

How to create custom stickers for WhatsApp on the iPhone

The first thing you should know is that you need an external application to create your own stickers. Since there is no official tool that allows you to do this, you can use Sticker Maker Studio.

Once downloaded and installed, open the application and click on Create a new sticker pack.

Create new sticker pack

Give your new sticker collection a name and specify the author’s name. Tap on Create to continue.

Name the new package

Open the package of stickers just created and click on one of the blank spaces that you will see to add a sticker new. It is possible to create packages of up to 30 stickers.

Select empty space in sticker pack

Select the source from which you want to import the image. You can take a photo, choose an image from the gallery, or write a text.

Select source to import an image

Mark with your finger the area you want to include in your sticker.

Manual selection on a sticker

To speed up this task, you can use the button Smart Select to remove the background automatically. In most cases, this feature will save you a lot of time.

Smart selection in Sticker Maker Studio

Preview the result and, if you are satisfied, click on Save sticker.

Save sticker created

Again, you will find yourself in the tab of your package stickers. You can add new stickers to your package by repeating the same process. If you are done, just click Add to WhatsApp. Remember that you can also use your sticker pack in iMessage with the button Add to iMessage.

Add stickers to WhatsApp

If the application shows an error, make sure you have specified an icon for your package in Tray icon.

Package icon

Now, let Sticker Maker Studio open WhatsApp and, once done, click on save.

Save sticker pack in WhatsApp

To use your new personalized stickers, you just have to open a conversation, access the selector of stickers and WhatsApp animations and click on the icon of the new package. Next, tap on one of your stickers and it will be sent immediately.

Use the new icon pack in WhatsApp

Before creating stickers with personal photos, remember that any user can save and forward them. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use this process with photographs in which third parties appear or that you do not want to share with others.