HomePod mini is coming soon – Apple is taking orders

There was no update of the “big” HomePod at the October event, but Apple presented its little brother, the Siri-based sound system. Just like the two remaining iPhone models, which can be pre-ordered from today, the HomePod mini is now also available in the Apple Online Store. Apple sells this for 99 dollars – in this country it is 96.50 euros. With this, Apple uses a much more favorable exchange rate than for various other products. However, weeks pass until delivery, Apple is not ready until mid-December.

There is currently little choice when it comes to sales channels, because as with the first HomePod, Apple initially only serves its own store (). The Apple area at Amazon (still) does not have HomePods either. Incidentally, nothing has changed in one limitation, because the HomePod mini is only available in selected countries. Germany is there, Austria and Switzerland are not.