Halloween game deals for iOS

Just one day away from the scariest holiday of the year, we’re looking for a slew of great Halloween game deals for iOS this year. Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen a collection of top-tier titles go on sale from The Room series to Stardew Valley and Crypt of the NecroDancer, just to name a few.

If you’re looking for some mobile games to keep you busy this weekend, or just the chance to add them to your library at a discount to play later, you’ll want to keep reading below to take a closer look.

Halloween game deals for iOS

Halloween game offerings for iOS range from puzzles to full RPGs along with just about everything else this year. You’ll also find some spooky titles for sale for All Hallows’ Eve, including The Room series, Slayaway Camp, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories, and more. It’s not known how long all of the deals below will last, but be sure to search for them before they start going up to full price.

Here are the games for all iOS devices:

Halloween game deals for iOS
Halloween game deals for iOS

Halloween game deals for iOS

  • Iron Marines: 1 euros
  • Kingdom Rush Origins HD: 3 euros
  • Kingdom Rush Vengeance: 3 euros
  • Age of Rivals: 2 euros
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers: 1 euro
  • Stardew Valley: 4 euros
  • Star Wars: KOTOR: 5 euros
  • Kingdom Rush Origins: 1 euro
  • Apple Knight: Premium Edition: 5 euros
  • Kingdom: New Lands: 2 euros
  • Shadowmatic: 2 euros
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD: 1 euro
  • Neo Monsters: FREE
  • grateful: FREE
  • TurboScan Pro: PDF scanner: 5euros

Here are two Halloween game offers for your Mac:

  • Trine: 2 euros
  • Trine 2: 2 euros