Halide Mark II takes iPhone photography to the next level

Developers of powerful camera apps for iPhone Halide and Specter have announced their latest project: Halide Mark II that will take iPhone photography to the next level.

Halide Mark II takes iPhone photography to the next level

This is a completely new iPhone photography app that takes technology from Halide Y Specter and combines it with its own set of new features.

Halide Mark II includes a completely new interface that combines powerful features with intuitive gestures and a focus on ease of use. In addition, it is free for any user who has paid for version 1 of Halide.

One of the main features of the application Halide Mark II is its new Coverage option, which allows users to take photos with Apple’s processing features including Deep fusion Y Smart HDR, while also taking a RAW image in case you want to do some additional post processing:

The Mark II is the first camera to capture both classic RAW and computational photos in one burst with a feature we call Coverage. Now you can take amazing photos that take advantage of all the advanced photography of the latest iPhones, while having a RAW in your back pocket in case you think you can do better.

We create Coverage via software-based bracketing, which unfortunately leaves a fraction of a second lag between RAW and processed images. Since this could confuse casual photographers, we left Coverage off by default. You can enable it in “Capture Settings”.

Haliday mark ii

Halide Mark II also bring a new feature called Instant RAW which makes it easy to edit RAW images at the correct levels. Instant RAW uses 17-step processing to intelligently develop your file. “It is optimized differently for different types of iPhones; enhance details and color; and above all, it is neutral, ”says Halide.

Instant RAW can function as a middle ground between a completely raw RAW and a fully processed JPEG. In a world where the built-in camera has its own filters, Instant RAW is a “No Filter” module. You can use and share the result directly or use it as a starting point for editing, just like ProRAW.

The announcement of Halide Mark II with new RAW features comes after Apple announced its format ProRAW for images of iPhone 12 Pro.

The Halide developers say they are “really excited” about what they have heard so far about ProRAW, and that “they will accept it as soon as it is available.” For now, Halide Mark II offers RAW support to all iPhone users.

Halide Mark II

In other places, Halide Mark II includes new tools to help with focus and exposure, as well as the “innovative addition” of Waveform, which horizontally scans your image to expose which color channels are clipped.

There is also a new tool called Zebra Stripes, which indicates which parts of your image are clipped or below a certain noise threshold.

By last, Halide Mark II includes a new XDR analysis function, making it the “first and only camera application to display full 14-bit RAW data in real time.”

Until now, all the image viewing tools you’ve used, across all cameras, have been lying. You think the data you see in the image represents what your camera will retrieve. In fact, each camera displays an 8-bit post-processed result. They are close, but if you are trying to get the best results, closing is not enough.

When RAW transmission is enabled, Halide explains, the zebras, waveform, and histogram data are based on actual sensor data.

We’re not going to lie, this took a lot of mischief to make it work. For performance and battery life, we only enable RAW streaming when we interactively adjust ISO or shutter speed.

You will notice the moment it is activated, as your exposing tools will suddenly switch to reveal the truth.

Halide Mark II

If you want to know all the details of the application Halide Mark II, you can visit the Halie’s website, there are big changes and cool features.