Drive File Stream will have compatibility with Mac M1

Ever since Macs with Apple Silicon and the M1 chip were released, developers have been putting the batteries together. It is necessary so that your applications are compatible with these new technologies and users can use them without any problem. The new announcement refers to one of the most used applications. Google Drive for desktop will have full compatibility with the new Macs in April.

Google plans to update Google Drive for desktop to be fully compatible with Apple’s new Mac M1s in April. The system is normally used as backup and sync that works with Google Drive and Photos. It is a fairly standard client that allows you to sync all (or just some of) your files and / or folders, including images and videos. Currently, the program is designed for Workspace customers and has an on-demand model, although it appears that this will change soon.

Google explained to its users already last year through a document: «Google Drive for desktop is currently not compatible with ARM-based Windows laptops and tablets, including Microsoft Surface Pro X. And Google Drive for desktop not yet compatible with Apple M1 devices ″.

On January 13, Google Drive for desktop was updated giving “improved Apple M1 support.” Specifically “fixed the remaining M1 chip issues that prevented previous versions of Backup and Sync from running for some users.” However the program itselfIt is not yet compatible with the new Mac with Apple Silicon and M1 chip. It will be in April when it becomes a reality and version 47.0 is published.

This It is the latest application of the Google family to adapt to the new Macs, since Google Chrome was updated in November, in fact very fast and being one of the first to do so.