Google Assistant speakers are fully compatible with Apple Music

Apple Music is now accessible through Google Assistant speakers

Apple Music may not be the preferred medium through which most users listen to their favorite songs. However with the passage of time it has positioned itself in the first places being a rival more than worthy of Spotify or other multimedia platforms. In fact, it has achieved unprecedented successes and that is why it should be taken into account. This is the reason that has finally led to the most famous Google Assistant speakers are already perfectly compatible with Apple Music.

Google Assistant speakers, like the new Nest Audio, Google Home Mini, or Nest Mini, and third-party speakers from JBL, Lenovo, and countless other brands, are now fully compatible with Apple Music. Previously, Google Assistant speakers and displays could only support Apple Music when streaming via Bluetooth from Android or iOS devices. Now, users can simply link your Apple Music account through the Google Home app and set it as the default music service.

From there, users can request songs to be played using commands like “Hey Google, play XXXXX.” Too we can ask for any specific song, artist or album to be played. Apple Music also works with Google’s multi-room audio feature.

Apple Music will roll out to Google Assistant-enabled devices like Nest Audio, Nest Hub Max, Nest Mini, and more. Apple Music subscribers can search and play songs (over 70 million!), Albums, and playlists, all without advertising, just with your voice.

Google is implementing this feature in United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan. We will have to wait a little longer, it seems, for it to arrive in Spain. We do not know how long, but we will be attentive to the news.