Genshin Impact 1.2, what does this new version offer?

Genshin Impact has become in its barely three months of existence one of the most popular games of the year. On December 23, it updated its new version for all devices, both game consoles and PC, as well as for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

miHoYo launched the game at the end of September and since then it has only attracted the interest of thousands of gamers who have been fascinated by the game modes. The Chinese company has periodically updated the game with new patches, to meet user demand, and the newest is version 1.2, which continues with some of the best characters in the game: Mona, Klee or Qiqi among them.

These three, like many others, are already for many fans of manga, video games and Japanese animation, similar to some anime female characters historical figures such as Bulma from Dragon Ball, Misa Amane from Death Note or Hinata Hyuga from Naruto.

What are the highlights of Genshin Impact?

Dragonwing, that is the name chosen by the developers for the new area available in version 1.2 of the game. In addition, it is about the first expansion to the map since the game launched on September 28.

From miHoYo they explain that this new area is a very cold, icy mountain range, located south of Mondstadt, where unique creatures live and that is full of mystery, since a lost civilization is also located. It is a space that offers the player many opportunities to continue advancing in the game, since its numerous resources, explosive devices and four-star weapon plans give rise to it.

Another highlight of Dragonspin is its visual power, because always It is covered with snow and gives rise to very bucolic landscapes, but also dangerous, because low temperatures are always a challenge.

This version 1.2, available for all mobile and video game devices, including the PS5, offers a extreme cold build-up bar which measures that metric in characters, so players should keep an eye on this metric on their adventures.

The Prince of Limestone and the dragon

The prominence of Espinadragón is total in this new version, and not only for the area itself, but for The Prince of Limestone and the dragon, the new Season event. Albedo, captain of the Knights of Favonius research team and chief alchemist, will also be very important in this scenario as this character will be of great help to achieve Poisonous wish, the mighty sword shrouded in mystery to which are added other rewards such as Crown of Wisdom.

Albedo is one of the new five-star playable characters, as is Ganyu.. The alchemist has Geo as his element while Ganyu is a female character, a Cryo half-Adeptus half-human archer who works as a secretary to the Seven Stars of Liyue.

Genshin Impact, how to play version 1.2?

The game proposes fantasy adventures based on traditional Chinese culture and stands out for its extensive free content, although it is true that it is possible to complete missions with in-app purchases.

When starting the adventure in Genshin Impact we can choose between female or male characters. In principle, gender does not influence the development of the game, but it is associated with some affinities.

The idea is complete missions in the main story to accumulate rewards, but alternate this with side missions, especially the exploration ones, which are the ones that give the passport to the update materials.

With the exploration we access rewards that help to have better weapons, raise the level of the characters and the locations. An important key is the choice of characters, which are more than 24 of different levels: S, A, B and C, ordered by power.

Qiqi or Mona are two of those S-level female characters. In the formation of the teams, it is necessary to include characters of various levels and even those of level C, which are generally weak, can be very useful in simple missions or at the beginning of the game.