Further updates: HomePod software 14.3, Microsoft Office for M1

HomePod software version 14.3
The HomePods should not be missing in the update marathon of systems for all hardware platforms. One day after iOS 14.3, Apple released the corresponding system version on HomePod and HomePod mini. The installation takes place automatically, unless the user has explicitly deactivated the option. Unfortunately, Apple only makes very general comments in the release notes for the update. The company only documents general performance and stability improvements – Apple’s standard text for all updates if no specific changes are to be broken down. There is still no feedback as to whether the sometimes shaky network stability of the HomePod mini is a thing of the past (we reported:). Incidentally, if you are wondering what the closest relative of the HomePod OS is: An adapted version of tvOS has been working on the Smart Speaker since spring (see: )