Francesca Sweet talks about 5G and iPhone 12

We recently mentioned Francesca Sweet, Product Manager for iPhone Marketing at Apple, in her interview to discuss the iPhone 12 camera on Petapixel.

But he has also spoken with Justine Ezarik, who has the channel iJustine in Youtube.

In the interview, Sweet explains the iPhone 12’s compatibility with the sub-6GHz and mmWave bands, ensuring that customers will see improvements in speed compared to LTE.

“In mmWave, the high-frequency version of 5G, we see speeds that are 25 times faster than in LTE, so you are going to be able to do some really amazing things,” says Sweet. “Likewise, even in the sub-6 spectrum, we see speeds that are up to two times faster than LTE.”

This functionality comes just at the right time, as with the addition of 4K HDR video recording using Dolby Visionfiles can easily be larger than 1GB, so the high speed of 5G will greatly facilitate the transfer of those files to the cloud, which is unthinkable using slower networks.

Much more in the interview that we include here.