Foxconn reinforces its template for mounting the iPhone 12

On October 13, Apple presented the new iPhone 12 models in a Keynote that they hope will be, again, the cornerstone of the company and those that bill more than any other device. Such is the expectation of this new model that Foxconn is hiring extra staff for its largest assembly plant.

Foxconn does not want iPhone 12 production delays

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Apple’s biggest partner, at least as far as assembly line and device production are concerned, Foxconn has gotten down to business. Given the barrage of orders expected for the new iPhone 12, the Taiwanese company does not want failures and he’s hiring back-up personnel for his largest assembly company.

The deadline to reserve the new iPhone 12, except the Pro Max, is already open, and he hopes that the first units will begin to be delivered later this month. Thus, Apple doesn’t want delays and Foxconn is putting the measures in place for it.

The company’s largest factory located in Zhengzhou and long dubbed “iPhone City” is getting stronger in number of workers. Lanticipated demand for the latest iPhones maintains the factory running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The hiring process and salary is public, so anyone who applies for a position in the factory knows in advance what they are facing: Bonuses of almost 1,500 dollars if a new employee works at least 55 days during their first three months. The hour is paid at $ 4.50.

The exact number of workers the factory currently has is not known. Because although the salaries are public, the number of workers is not so due to “commercial sensitivity”. Foxconn is estimated to employ more than a quarter of a million people.

What is clear is that you do not want any failure or delays in the shipments of the iPhone 12. Sufficient delays have already been suffered with the Coronaviorus pandemic. Many Apple Stores are still closed, so no further inconvenience is wanted.