Four French ad lobbies sue Apple

It seems that the protection of user privacy that Apple plans to incorporate in iOS 14 poses a real threat to so many businesses that have relied on the exploitation of our personal data and the recording of our activity on the internet – without our consent.

Although Apple has delayed for a few months the application of the obligation to ask the user for consent to authorize their activities to be tracked to allow time for Facebook (and all the others) to adapt, it will finally end up establishing it, because its commitment to the Your customers’ privacy is a strategic pillar of your product approach.

Now, four French online advertising lobbies have filed a monopoly complaint against Apple for the changes that the iPhone maker will introduce to the current version of the operating system.

With iOS 14, iPhone users will have to expressly agree that they allow apps to collect unique identifiers to define the ads to display and target specific advertising campaigns.

The four associations (IAB France, MMAF, SRI and UDECAM) say that the changes that Apple has introduced do not comply with European privacy rules and that Apple itself does not comply with those standards, since it will be able to send personalized ads to users of iOS without asking for their express consent first.

“This case is not about privacy; it is about how Apple abuses its market position to distort competition “, the four associations say in a joint statement.

The express permission will be made through a floating window starting in early 2021.

“With iOS 14, we are going to give users the opportunity to choose whether or not they want apps to track them by linking their information with data from other companies to target targeted advertising, or share the information with data brokers” Apple states in a statement.


That it has been possible to develop a business based on the trade of users’ personal information can only be understood by the dynamic development of technology, which has always caught us learning, the mental laziness of politicians, who have taken years to realize account of the twisted approach and the lack of ethics of the advertising market, which does not hesitate to take advantage of any loophole to make money.

That this way of doing business is over can only be celebrated as a triumph for users, and a return to how things should have been.

That (coincidentally) it is Apple that has taken the initiative only makes everything even more satisfactory for its users.