Fortnite: the Battle Royale could return to iOS and iPadOS thanks to the Nvidia streaming service

Fortnite could return to iOS and iPadOS, according to the latest rumors. And it is that Nvidia developed a new version of its video game streaming service, GeForce Now, to allow it to run in the Safari mobile browser. This could allow the famous Battle Royale of Epic games available again on the devices of Manzana.

Fortnite could return to iOS and iPadOS


Nvidia developed a version of its GeForce Now service that works in Safari for iOS and iPadOS. In this way, users could replay Epic Games’ acclaimed Battle Royale, Fortnite, from the iPhone or iPad browser.

However, so far it is only rumors, as the company did not confirm the availability for Safari of the new version of its service. “Nvidia does not comment on the arrival of new customers to the service, nor on the availability of any games on unannounced or unreleased platforms “, a company spokesman explained to the BBC. “Fortnite is not confirmed for GeForce Now on platforms beyond PC, Mac and Android,” he added.


The GeForce Now video game streaming service is currently available for Mac, Windows, Android and Chromebook and, as confirmed by the British channel BBC, will bring this service to devices with iOS operating system before Christmas.

Epic Games vs Apple

In August this year, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store, thus preventing users from enjoying the Epic Games Battle Royale on their iPhone and iPad devices. The reason for the company’s decision to permanently remove the game from its store came after a legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games, the video game developer responsible for multiplayer Fortnite.

The tension between the two companies began after Epic Games introduced its own payment system for mobile devices in mid-August. This system was an alternative means of payment to that offered by the official Apple App Store and Google Play platforms on Android, which obtain commissions of up to 30 percent per purchase.


Finally, Apple removed Epic’s developer profile from the App Store and all of its video games, including Fortnite. For its part, Epic Games filed a lawsuit for monopolistic practices against Apple. At the end of August, justice prevented the blocking of the video game developer by Apple, although this later rejected that its Battle Royale returned to the App Store.