iOS on M1

Last day 16 we told you as Apple was preparing so that iPhone and iPad applications could not be sideloaded on a Mac with M1. For a short time, yesterday, this took effect and no one could upload applications to the Mac with Apple Silicon anymore. Although this has changed again and we are as before, waiting for the total blackout to occur.

There was talk that Apple would soon start blocking users from loading iPhone and iPad apps on their Mac M1s. During the day yesterday, this change could already be seen at one point. The users they could no longer use apps like iMazing to load unsupported applications from iPhone and iPad on Mac M1.

Now, in a movement that is not well understood, the company has backed down and at the moment you can still use these types of applications. Now, it seems like a declaration of intentions and it is more than probable that in the very short term we will already see the definitive blockade. It is possible that Apple has reversed the situation in order to finish polishing some elements. Take advantage then if you need to use applications like iMazing.

Recall that Macs with Apple Silicon Apple allow users to run iOS and iPad applications on their Mac. However, developers can choose not to allow their applications to be installed on Mac (either due to their sales strategy or because the applications are still they have not been optimized to run on a computer with keyboard and mouse controls). This is the option that many developers have taken, making the necessary change in App Store Connect to remove your application from the Mac App Store.