Flex Widgets: create and customize your own widgets on iOS

Flex Widgets is a new application developed by Yannik Schrade and with it, iOS users can create their own widgets. This tool has multiple customization options, you can even add icons, emojis, shapes and many things at the same time as you have access to the information.

Create your own widgets with Flex Widgets for iOS

Flex Widgets it is the first real widget editor. This application, developed by Yannik Schrade and recently launched on the market, allows users to create their own widgets using a super intuitive and simple editor.

Flex Widgets

With Flex Widgets users will be able to select to create a small, medium or large size widget and change the font, color and alignment. On the other hand, they may also insert drawings, icons, emojis and different shapes to give it your own style. In addition, they will be able to place elements one on top of the other, change their opacity, resize and insert images.

Of course, the application allows insert information such as weather elements and health charts such as heart rate or step count, the latter are obtained from the Health app. Users will also have the ability to include date items, countdowns, countdown images, calendars, and weekly summaries.

The Flex Widgets interface is very intuitive and best of all, in addition to being able to create your own widgets, you can also share them. The application has a gallery called “Inspiration” where users can share their widgets so that other people have access to and use them.

Finally, you can also customize the background of said widget with a solid color, gradient, image or even a slide show. Best of all, after creating your own widget, Flex Widgets allows you to save it as a new theme to use and edit at any time.

Flex Widgets

Flex Widgets is available for download from the App Store worth $ 1.99 and is compatible with iPhone or iPad with operating system iOS 14 or higher. The application has no ads or purchases and subscriptions within it.