I'm from mac

We are already on the first Sunday of February and Apple this month wants us to activate to the maximum, at least our body. During the past month we learned about the Black History Day challenge and this beginning of the month the Valentine’s Day Challenge was launched. In short, a short month but one that is full of news during the first week and is that in addition to these challenges we have other important news in it, we go with Highlight of the week on I’m from Mac.

AirPods Max ear pads can already be purchased separately. Apple put these pads on sale so that users who want to combine some colors can do it easily. The price of these is 79 euros.

New Macs

Another of the outstanding news of this week is undoubtedly the arrival of the macOS Big Sur version 11.2. Apple released the official version after three final beta versions for developers, also called Release Candidate.

The vulnerabilities affect all computer systems and although macOS is one of the most secure, it is not without problems. In this case a security flaw was detected that might not be fixed Y allow third-party access to our equipment.

MacOS beta

To finish we have to look at the beta versions released by Apple this month for users and developers. And it is that in addition to the improvements in macOS Big Sur implemented, we find the option to unlock iPhone with Face ID from Apple Watch. This is in beta and obviously needs improvement, but it works for now.