Facebook wants to have its own smartwatch. Why?

Facebook criticizes Apple

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has been characterized practically since its arrival on the market in a vacuum cleaner of data, data of all kinds. The level of data that it is capable of capturing can be seen in the description of the application for iOS, thanks to the new Apple’s commitment to privacy how bad it has been on Facebook.

It has felt bad on Facebook, however, Google seems to have seen it favorably and some of these measures will be incorporated in the next version of Android, number 12. While it is true that Google is also a data vacuum cleaner, is has not incurred any privacy scandals as if Facebook does it habitually.

The latest news related to Facebook is found in the middle The Information. according to this media Facebook working on a smartwatch. A smartwatch? It seems that Mark Zuckerberg’s eagerness to collect data wants to go a little further and is not satisfied with knowing everything related to friendships, tastes, user preferences and wants to know how they are of health.

Facebook’s only motivation to launch a smartwatch on the market (too mature in this field) is to collect more data from users. The problem, which it seems that they have realized or are not going to take it into account, is that these data are private and if they happen to share them with third parties to guide advertising campaigns they can get into a serious problem, at least in Europe.

Obviously, as long as users trust the company, something that I seriously doubt if we take into account previous releases of hardware devices of the company. Heart rate, ECG, oxygen levels and blood glucose … are some of the data that Facebook could have access without incorporating these features.

Facebook’s latest foray into creating a hardware device was Portal, the device with an integrated camera and screen, similar to the Amazon Echo Show (they are managed by Alexa) to make video calls, watch videos … This device has had very little success in the market, since people no longer trust Facebook.

The launch of Facebook Watch, or whatever it is finally called, is planned for 2022 and would be managed by Wear OS (Remember that on Facebook they only know how to copy, not create services from scratch, so they will use an already created platform to which they will add a layer of personalization).