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We continue with good Apple Arcade titles set in dungeons, this time we find Exit the Gungeon. This title has a striking retro styleCome on, it sets you in the games of the 80s. It belongs to a genre of video games called “bullet hell”. Would you like to discover a hell of bullets that will challenge your character from start to finish? Let’s get to know a little more about Exit the Gungeon.

One of Apple Arcade’s most complicated titles, Exit the Gungeon

I have to confess that I did not imagine such an aggressive style of play but that it would take you to the extreme at each level. In Exit the Gungeon yes or yes you have to resort to the game’s tutorial to learn each of the possible movements. In the Exit the Gungeon narrative, you have to escape from the collapsing Armor. With the company of other heroes, weapons and many somersaults, you will have to ascend and escape through the elevators that are becoming more and more dangerous.Initial history

Wow, it is dangerous, you have to train to master all the possible somersaults to dodge the hell of bullets plus the enemies that you will face next. You will have all kinds of weapons and objects, as well as enemies and changing levels. This is a spin-off of the Enter the Gungeon game.

The game environment

Here comes the complicated. This week I tried to download the game from the Mac and I think I made a mistake. Although it is true that you can play with the keyboard, I am not saying that there are several buttons that help you to overcome the levels. It is best to play with a remote control. That said, the environment, as I had already mentioned, is set in a retro game from the 80s. The graphics are great, although they are not state-of-the-art.Final goal

The challenge of dodging both bullet hell and enemies with cartwheels is nothing compared to the levels that you will have to ascend and shoot your enemies at the same time. It is one of the most demanding titles in the Apple catalog. Games of the genre “bullet hell” are those known to gamers in which it is known that enemies have no kind of mercy or pity for you. The whole screen will be full of bullets, so only a minimum space can help you. The small difference between going ahead in the game or dying trying.Tutorial

What is a total uncertainty and that will lead you to live a good dose of adrenaline is that weapons are random. Yes, you will not have a permanent weapon all the time. The best thing is that you will have the occasional power to eliminate the bullets and enemies that are about to be killed in a single movement.

If you require excitement through bullets, this might be a suitable titleStarting the game

I personally like shooter genre games, although Exit the Gungeon exceeds the limit at 100 percent. I reiterate, it is not a title that I am used to playing and even more so when the games are no longer the same. We live in an age where cross-platforms are so huge and catalogs so extensive. Apple Arcade was right to include this game that is available on other popular consoles.

I’m sure those users who are willing to sacrifice a good time dodging bullets will have a great time. If you don’t like this genre, it doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time. Exit the Gungeon challenges you from start to finish, From the tutorial you have to learn each of the movements very well. Luckily for me, from the Mac I was able to customize the keyboard controls. There is no doubt that I had a good time trying and discovering its benefits. Here the important thing to survive is to dodge. A minimum pixel can make a difference.Different levels in Exit the Gungeon

In conclusion, Exit the Gungeon takes the applause

Discovering genres that are not so classic is something to appreciate and it is applauded that Apple brings these kinds of titles to its catalog. I couldn’t play it every day is a game that frees you from momentary boredom. Of course, it is a much better experience on a device like the iPhone or iPad. Light weight and with a good history.Surviving great enemies in Exit the Gungeon

If you play from your Mac or Apple TV, yes or yes I suggest you a remote control. That will make it more entertaining and the gameplay will improve a lot. The character you have will have a certain level of health, you will be able to resist certain bullets. Remember that it is best to dodge and collect as many objects as possible to help you survive.

Exit the Gungeon
Exit the Gungeon
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