Disk SP Armor A62, a new and resistant hard disk of Silicon Power

SP A62 disk

When we talk about external hard drives for our Mac, console, PC or similar, we have to look at several aspects before launching into the purchase and there are a huge number of models, prices and others on the market. Depending on the type of user, we can choose discs with a simple exterior design, one with an aluminum design or a disc resistant to shock, dust and even water.

In this case of this new SP Armor A62 disc, the firm wants to enhance its resistance to shocks together with a beautiful design and on the outside. This new firm’s hard drive is covered by a plastic layer that protects it from scratches, bumps and scrapes, it also has a USB cable attachment system that it adds.

This is the resistant Silicon Power A62 disc

When you buy a shock resistant hard drive with a military grade shock certification (MIL-STD 810G 516.7 Procedure IV) and IPX4 splash You may think that this will be a large disk in dimensions but this A62 Game Drive is not.

We can say that the measurements are quite similar to those of external drives from other firms that are not so resistant to shocks, but it is certainly not the case. The actual measurements and the weight of this disc is 131.7 mm x 86.5 mm x 14.9 mm and the weight depends on the capacity of the disc varies between 180 g and 282 g, so this is a disc of small dimensions with a perfect weight for transport.

Logically, it is not mandatory to drop the hard drive to the ground to check its resistance to shocks, but in the event of an accidental fall it will perfectly withstand the challenge. The firm itself does not advise that we hit it and it is clear that losing the information of these does not like anyone, so making them resistant to shocks is a very good idea when we carry them from one place to another but it is not necessary to hit them expressly to check their hardness …

The A62 Game Drive is not specific to gamers

Although the name and focus of the disc is focused on games, this disc serves for everything and we can store all kinds of files, documents and photos. If you look specifically at the game storage, the model with the largest capacity could hold about 125 games, but that will depend on many factors.

The USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface allows us a transfer rate of up to 5Gbps, so we will not have problems with the speed of the disk. In addition, this model adds a blue LED at the top that indicates that it is connected. It is not too powerful so it is not annoying.

Inside the box we find the disk itself and the USB A cable on both sides of little more than 20cm long to connect to our equipment or consoles.

SP A62 Price

In this case the disk has priced at $ 69.99 for the 2TB storage model we tested and we can get it in the company’s own website or in large stores as they have several models for sale.

A62 Game Drive
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