Design your new house or room with Room Arranger

Room Arrenger

When making a new house, or remodeling any of the rooms in our home, a very simple solution is to hire a designer give us ideas to make the most of the space we have available. However, it may require an investment that we are not willing to make, as we want to maximize the money we have available for renovations.

Room Arranger is a complete room that allows us to design our new home or study all the possibilities of remodeling that we have in our room. This application puts at our disposal all the necessary tools to be able to take advantage of the space we have.

Room Arrenger

Room Arranger, allows us create complete room plans or the plants to be remodeled, scale rooms where we can also add furniture (cabinets, shelves, trunks, drawers), chairs (office chairs, sofas, stools), nicks (office tables, round tables, corner tables, office tables). billiards), accessories (computers, televisions, speakers, mirrors, aquariums, fireplaces, fans), beds, windows, stairs, decorative elements of a garden (dog houses, trees, umbrellas, surveillance cameras).

All the projects we do, we can print them in any size and modify them whenever we want to add the changes or improvements that we consider, 3D view & mldr; The application is completely translated into Spanish, so the language will not be a problem to use the application.

For download the app, we must visit the website of this developer, an application that we can use for 30 days for free. If we want to extend the time of use, we just have to register in the application, without having to pay a single euro for it, making it one of the best options available in the market to remodel or redesign our home.