Clear VPN for Mac

We have talked on some occasions about the advantages of using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on our Macs. If we want privacy on the Internet and even in some of our communications it never hurts to install one. There are many companies on the market that offer very good virtual networks. This large market has recently been joined by the MacPaw team, lResponsible for Clean My Mac, with Clear VPN. Success seems to be assured.

Use a VPN on our Macs, seems like a good idea when we are lovers of our privacy. But they can also be used for other purposes, maybe not so noble but just as necessary. We can use a VPN to communicate in areas that are limited or to watch certain programs that do not exist in our countries. Normally the existing programs offer you the possibility of using the networks for free or premium.

Clear VPN continues this business model as well. We can choose the free or paid option. Now what makes ClearVPN unique from other providers is its DynamicFlow technology. It automatically analyzes the current state of our network and connects you to the fastest idle server to enable the secure connection and based on what you plan to do while using the VPN. With Dynamic Flow, users can focus on enjoying their interactions online and do not need to focus on technical details such as server selection.

As we said we have two options. The free and premium mode priced at 10.95 euros per month or 78.95 euros per year. Promotional price because usually the cost is 131.40. The truth is that nothing is lost by trying this new VPN on the market that does not need too many technical requirements to be able to work on the Mac and it is compatible with macOS Big Sur.