After the arrival of the new Mac with Apple Silicon processor, it is time for applications to be updated to take full advantage of their features, and CleanMyMac X now joins the list of natively supported applications, plus a new design.

If you are one of the lucky owners of a new Mac with an M1 processor, in addition to enjoying the excellent features of these computers, now you can take full advantage of what CleanMyMac X offers you, one of the best applications to maintain your Mac without having to complicate your life. In addition, its design is retouched to adapt to the aesthetics of macOS Big Sur, with new colors, a simpler interface and eliminating extra details that did not contribute anything to the application. The side menu allows for more intuitive navigation, and the 3D animations give it a modern look that is always appreciated on your new Mac.

One of the main features of CleanMyMac X is the ability to free up space on your hard drive like few other applications can. It is important to remove junk, but not to remove anything important that could cause the system or other applications to malfunction. With CleanMyMac X you will not have this problem, and now works even better with the ability to remove Universal Binaries, those files that allow applications to run on Macs with Intel and M1 processors. With this application you will eliminate those that your computer does not need, freeing up an important space with just a couple of clicks.

CleanMyMac X also has protection functions for your system, to put an additional layer of security to what Apple already offers by default on your system. For example you will be able to remove the Silver Sparrow malware, which has infected thousands of Macs around the world from cracked applications or fake updates from other applications such as Flash. Both the free and paid versions of CleanMyMac X allow you to analyze your computer, detect malware and eliminate it if it is present. If you want a license that allows you to use this fantastic application without restrictions, you have a subscription of € 29.95 per year or € 89.95 in one-time purchase. You have more information at this link.