Christopher Walken joins the cast of Severance

We have spent several days on the next project that Apple TV + is working on, baptized as Severance, a series that in addition to John Turturro and Patrica Arquette also will feature the Oscar winner from the Hollywood Academy Christopher Walken claims Deadline.

This new series will be directed by Ben Stiller, a suspense drama set in the Lumen Industries, where a method is sought to alter the balance between work and private life of its clients through a breakout procedure.

Christopher Walken to play the role of Burt, one of the people in charge of Industrias Lumen, but it will not be one of the main roles in this new series, a series that in addition to John Turturro and Patricia Arquette we also find Tramell Tillman, Jen Tullock, Zach Cherry and Britt Lower.

The story centers on the character of Scott Mark, character described with a dark past. Patrica Arquette plays Mark’s boss, while John Turturro is one of the most committed employees to the company. In the executive production we find Nicky Weinstock, Jackie Cohn and Dan Erickson, the latter being the creator and who will be in charge of writing the script.

At the moment Dan Erickson is in charge of the script, although according to sources related to the project, production could start early next year. What if it has not been announced what the release date will be.

The word thriller has started to be placed in many of the products he plans to debut on Apple TV+. Tehran it is the most recent example, but not the only one. Shining girls, Suspicion Y Snow Blind are other suspense / thriller projects that Apple is working on with Idris Elba, Uma Thurman and Jake Gyllenhall.