Cetelem joins the Apple Pay service with its cards


It even seemed strange that Cetelem, which is the entity in charge of lending money for users who want to finance Apple purchases, did not have their card added as an association with Apple Pay. Well, a few hours ago Cetelem sent information to its clients that Master Cards can be added to Apple service.

In this way, users who have the cards of this financial company can now add Apple Pay and add the card directly in the app. Time passes and we continue to see the relentless advance of this secure, reliable, fast and efficient payment method.

This is the entity’s announcement about this association of your cards with the Apple payment service:

During the month of February we advanced that customers of the Cetelem Mastercard card could pay more quickly and safely with Cetelem and Apple Pay. Now, thanks to the latest update of our Cetelem App, you can enroll our Mastercard card in ApplePay, without leaving our App, and in just a few seconds. With the enrollment of the Cetelem card in Apple Pay, you can pay in a very fast, comfortable and safe from your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac.

It seems that the advance of this type of contactless payments is unstoppable so the more options we have available to pay for our purchases, receipts and more, it will always be good. Now what we hope is that Apple keep opening the NFC to access other payments or services of public transport and the like as it happens in other countries with other payment platforms. For now this is on the sidelines right now and it seems that there are no movements beyond banking entities and online payments.