Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch review: Cheap True Wireless In-Ears for long-term listeners

Apple’s AirPods Max over-ear headphones are of course currently available the The number one topic of conversation when it comes to head PA (see our detailed test report). But that shouldn’t hide the fact that affordable in-ears are still very popular. Cambridge Audio has a very interesting new range of True Wireless Earbuds (TWE).


designation Melomania touch
Art True wireless in-ears

That’s an announcement: Up to 50 hours of music fun without connecting a charging cable in between. For true wireless in-ear headphones, that would be sensationally good battery life. The British manufacturer Cambridge Audio promises exactly that for its brand new Bluetooth earplugs Melomania touch. The Rewind editorial team was able to try this out extensively shortly before its official market launch.

Cambridge Audio made a very good debut with the TWE debut, the Melomania 1 tested here. Melomania 1, originally published for an MSRP of around 130 euros, are now available for less than 80 euros to have. A really cheap price for the sound performance offered.

With the new Melomania Touch, Cambridge now wants to make everything even better. For example, the somewhat spongy wearing comfort of the first generation of round “ear suppositories” is to be optimized by a special housing shape. According to the manufacturer, it has evaluated the data from over 3,000 ear impressions and determined a kind of golden ratio that should fit as many people as possible.

Cambridge has also discarded the mechanical keys of the Melomania 1 and replaced them with touch surfaces. Come inside with Graph coated 7 mm drivers are used. For their part – and this is supposed to be a world premiere – they are driven by an amplifier circuit in Class A / B technology. That should be for “A much wider soundstage with less noise and less distortion” to care. – I’m curious! The transmission takes place via Bluetooth 5.0.