Briefly noted: Spotify with a new user interface for CarPlay +++ “Dickinson”, “Servant” and “Losing Alice”: replenishment for TV +

More functions, nicely designed: Spotify’s new CarPlay user interface
If you own a car that supports CarPlay, you can not only access Apple’s applications: Other developers also offer apps for the system, but their ease of use is often not as easy as that of Apple’s applications. The CarPlay integration of Spotify has so far been rather modest – some functions that Cupertino’s music app brings with it, users look in vain at the Swedish streaming provider. But that could change soon: The latest beta version of the app is subjecting the interface for CarPlay to a general overhaul.

Source: @Shaun_R via Twitter

So users can finally take a look at the queue of their songs without having to use their iPhone. A tap on the artist’s name opens their Spotify page with more information. Four new tabs enable, among other things, access to the most recently played songs and the media library. In addition to the expanded functionality, the developers have also made some visual improvements.