Briefly noted: last hurdle for MagSafe Duo cleared & Apple TV app now on Xbox consoles

MagSafe Duo can come
With the MagSafe charger, Apple already has a device in its range that is aimed at those who want to supply their iPhone 12 inductively with energy. If you want to fully enjoy the advantages of Apple’s ecosystem, you usually have several of the company’s products: For example, the Apple Watch is a constant companion for many users. However, if you want to charge your iPhone and watch at the same time, you have to own several chargers – or fall back on other solutions: Some third-party manufacturers already offer charging stations that perform their service on several devices at the same time. Apple’s MagSafe Duo hits the same line: The product, which costs 145.20 euros, supplies the watch and an iPhone 12 via Qi – or another compatible device.
After Apple’s in-house solution has already passed the Korea National Radio Research Agency (NRRA) compliance test, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now giving its blessing: Apple received the Admission for the new charger, which indicates a timely release. The Apple Online Store lists the product ready: