Briefly noted: Chrome 89 promises more resource efficiency +++ New on Apple TV +: “Cherry”

Chrome 89 with less resource consumption
There are some Internet browsers – but Google Chrome is the undisputed leader: Chrome has a global market share of around 66 percent. Safari has to be satisfied with around ten percent and is at least in second place (see Statista). Even if Google’s browser is said to be fast and rich in functions – users complain about its hunger for resources at regular intervals. The developers, in turn, always argue that they have fine-tuned Chrome’s efficiency. So this time too: in one Blog post one goes into the improvements of version 89. These are extensive in both Windows and macOS: The storage space of tabs that are kept in the background has been reduced by eight percent. In some cases this corresponds to a saving of one GiB. The throttling of inactive tabs has also been optimized: The CPU is now not used as much, which should heat the Mac less, according to the developers.