Briefly noted: Adobe and Zoom with apps for Apple Silicon +++ Apple supplier Wistron under probation

Adobe and Zoom with M1 apps
The first Macs with Apple Silicon are already on the market, but support with optimized software sometimes still lags behind: While some developers adapted their applications early on for the new Macs with the M1 chip, others take a little more time. Microsoft’s Office programs have been taking account of the new hardware architecture for almost a week. Meanwhile, Adobe is also making progress – and is making a native version of Lightroom available. Now the company is stepping up – and for the first time is releasing beta versions of the apps Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush and Audition, which are optimized for ARM Macs.

Adobe points out some well-known ones Bugsthat appear in the betas: MacBook Pro users, for example, should refrain from using the Touch Bar, as this can cause the program to crash. There are also some features on the list that are not currently working. In addition to the programs mentioned above, Adobe is also working on a native version for Lightroom Classic, Camera Raw and Photoshop.

The developers of Zoom have not been idle either – and have been providing the final M1 version of their video conferencing software since today.