How To Clear or Flush DNS Cache MAC OS

Different Version of Mac OS X has different commands to Flush DNS Cache MAC OS. We have listed all the commands for all the versions of Mac OS to flush the DNS cache on Mac. Flushing the DNS cache on MAC can help resolve DNS related problems. Some DNS cache issues can be : web site not found errors or you are not being able to view certain web pages that have recently changed. We’ll show all the commands on how to flush out DNS cache in MacOS for different versions of Sierra. read more

Clock Screensaver Mac

clock screensaver mac

Clock Screensaver Mac are especially useful screensavers as they show you the time of day, and some also shows the current date and day of the week. On your Macbook you can easily set clockscreen saver by following this post. Minimalist clock screensaver on mac can be easily downloaded and installed. read more

How To Make Outlook Default Email On Mac

change default email on mac

It is important to change default email client on mac. You can set Outlook as default mail application on apple macbook. Whenever on mac you click on an email link in a webpage or in an application to send a new message. You will notice that your default mail client automatically launches. Unless you’ve set Outlook Default Email On Mac, the Apple Mail application (called is set as default. read more