Ayúdame3D collaborates with the Spanish Army to bring more than 30 arms to Mali, Senegal and Lebanon

Within the framework of civic-military collaboration, the Spanish social entity Ayúdame3D has manufactured and donated more than 30 trésdesis, 3D-printed arms, to be delivered by the troops of the Spanish Army in their missions in Lebanon, Mali and Senegal. This alliance was created in order to be able to take this type of aid to more parts of the world, specifically to areas where, otherwise, it would be very difficult to reach.

As explained by Lieutenant Colonel Galindo, assigned to command operations in the CIMIC section, “what is done is to see the needs of the population in the different areas. This type of actions to support the civilian population, framed in what is called CIMIC, actions of civil-military cooperation, also favor Spain and the operation ”, he affirms.

In order to carry out this collaboration, the NGO Ayúdame3D has trained personnel from the troops who are on the ground, teaching them to take action and request arms. “We have offered the army a training that consists of capturing possible beneficiaries in different territories and taking the necessary measures to manufacture the devices, so that when they arrive they know how to place them and how to maintain a medium-long-term monitoring,” he says. Guillermo M. Gauna-Vivas, CEO of Ayúdame3D. “This collaboration is a strategic alliance for us, since it allows us to reach many more people with our help,” he adds.

The more than 30 arms that the Army requested from Ayúdame3D have been manufactured by the NGO and its network of 3D expert volunteers, Helpers3D. During the next few weeks these trésdesis will travel to their destination.

This is the first collaboration between the Spanish Army and Ayúdame3D. Gauna-Vivas points out that it hopes to continue with this type of alliances since “it is essential to be able to reach people who still do not know that they can be helped. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of people around the world thanks to the social value of new technologies ”.

You can collaborate by financing this project through the NGO website: www.ayudame3d.org/dona