Assassin’s Creed Identity among 46,000 iOS apps removed in China

Assassin’s Creed Identity and NBA 2K20 are some of the new 46,000 iOS apps what have been eliminated from the App Store China. Apple has been forced to remove all applications that lack a license from the government of the Asian country. We already reported that throughout 2020, more than 94,000 iOS games have been eliminated in China.

Most of the 46,000 new apps removed from the app store are games. This regularization is not endemic to Apple, Google has also suffered from this limitation in its Android store.

Assassin’s Creed Identity and NBA 2K20 removed from Chinese App Store

In 2016, the Asian country made a new law that requires developers to obtain a government license to publish their applications in China. Some developers who have requested this license, comment that it is very difficult for the government to authorize them.

From year 2016 both Apple and Google started to comply with the new law, but it is true that Apple has been doing it very gradually. This situation has led to tens of thousands of apps being removed from the Asian Store.

This year Apple began asking developers for proof of the government license, but failed to do its best to enforce the new Chinese policy. Local media in the Asian country reported that the developers were buying or inventing ISBN numbers, or launching the application in a Store abroad and then switching to the Store China to circumvent the law. Apple was also allowing access to the App Store while they waited for the government to license them.

All change in the past summer, Apple began to remove applications that did not comply with the stipulation by the government. This decision has been a severe blow to Apple’s economy. China accounted for about a fifth of the $ 61 billion in digital goods and services sold through the App Store in 2019.

Apple gave developers until the end of July to regularize their applications with a valid license. The removal of some 30,000 apps was confirmed in August. Apple fixed yesterday, December 31 as the deadline to regularize all other applications. Finally, 46,000 new applications have been eliminated, among which there are such outstanding games as Assassin’s Creed Identity and NBA 2k20.

Trip Advisor may be the next to disappear from the Chinese Store

The Chinese government has also demanded the removal of some licensed apps, for example Trip Advisor. The Tripadvisor app has been removed from the Chinese App Store, along with 104 other apps. The Chinese government has already reported that this was part of a “clean-up” of “pirated” applications from the Internet, although many of us think this has been done for political reasons.