Apple’s MagSafe Duo receives approval from the CFC. It will soon be on the market

The same day that the iPhone 12 was introduced in society, other devices were presented. One of them was the MagSafe. A gadget capable of charging the iPhone wirelessly, not the Apple Watch. For this, another type of charger is needed and that is why the company pulled out the Magsafe Duo. It is already very close to being on the market after we have received the necessary approvals.

The Federal Communications Commission has already approved the MagSafe Duo

MagSafe Duo FCC

Before some devices are put on the market, they need the approval of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States. Recently it has been known that the MagSafe Duo has received the go-ahead from it, so its appearance on the market is imminent.

The new FCC presentation it is for a “Dual Coil Charger” with Apple model number A2458. Documents presented by Apple detail how the charger can be used to power an iPhone and an Apple Watch at the same time. The documents were submitted in October, and approval appears to have been granted a few days ago.

MagSafe Duo Apple

Apple has yet to announce the official launch date for the MagSafe Duo but it won’t take long because the company anchored it to its online store at a price of 149 euros. There is not much left to enjoy a wireless charger from the company, useful for iPhone and Apple Watch.

Almost two years after the announcement of the final farewell to the AirPower, we will have a base on the market that will allow us to charge both devices with a power of 15W. Of course we went from three devices (AirPower) to two (MagSafe Duo) but at a price of three.

We will be very attentive when it is finally put on sale officially in order to analyze the acceptance among the public of this wireless charger.