Apple’s announcement: The "Racial Equity and Justice Initiative" – $ 100 million program

After CBS announced that Apple would make an important announcement today, the contents are now known. In any case, it was said from the start that Apple was not planning any new or updated products, but a social initiative. Apple presented this now – and as suspected it is a social issue. The description says that Apple will be more “Racial Equity and Justice Initiative“Launch projects to combat systematic racism. Apple is investing a total of 100 million dollars in various programs. For example, Apple is supporting the establishment of the Propel Center – an” innovation hub “for the HBCU community (“Historically Black Colleges and Universities”):

There is also talk of the first “Apple Developer Academy” in Detroit to find and support young talent there. The focus is also on helping “communities of color” – because it is known that in the United States it is much more difficult for them to take advantage of good educational opportunities. One of the effects of the aforementioned “systematic racism” is to exclude sections of the population, partly in a targeted manner, but partly also due to structural reasons. However, it should not stay with the one developer academy, Apple wants to continuously expand the offer. Numerous partners from very different areas are involved in implementing the large-scale projects. “Investing in Education” is one of the key principles behind the aspirations.