Apple works on a dual support for the Pro Display XDR

It is becoming more and more common to work at a professional level with two or even three monitors. For this, there are supports that allow you to have several monitors from a single anchor point. They also allow to put them with different angles and orientations. Well, Apple has taken good note of it and would be working on a double bracket for the Pro Display XDR, the most professional monitor of the bitten apple.

Last year Apple launched its professional monitor, the Pro Display XDR. A small work of engineering with an indisputable quality, both in materials and in the screen. Evidently it is a monitor designed for the professional world, not only for the price, but for the quality it offers. Although if you are a foodie and you have 6,500 euros left over, you can consider your purchase.

Apple has filed a patent related to a dual mount for the Pro Display XDR

Being a monitor designed for professionals, the usual thing is that at that level you work with at least two monitors. Today you can choose a universal VESA mount for 219 euros or because of the support offered by Apple itself, which in June of last year, when it was presented, raised blisters for its price, 1,099 euros.

But if we want to work with two monitors we have to buy two supports and our work table is also affected. There’s a solution. Apple already has presented for now in paper format to the United States Patent Office a double bracket.

The dual monitor support that Apple presented yesterday would obviously allow the placement of two monitors, but it would also offer the possibility that both screens move in the vertical and horizontal plane and pivot on the central axis.

The current professional monitor support from Apple costs 1,099 euros

Apple in the patent, points out several things that are true, and that I confirm from my own experience. One of them is that multi-screen mounts as well as bulky and aesthetically not very attractive They do not allow you to adjust the monitor to the millimeter as you want and they tend to misalign.

Display Pro XDR

That is why Apple raises a single horizontal bar mounting system with two display mounts that would allow to regulate the monitors in a simple way in all planes.

“A display stand has two spaced apart legs connected by a horizontal support bar that is attachable to multiple displays. Carriage assemblies allow the stand to adjust the vertical position of the displays, shuttles and rails allow the stand to adjust the horizontal positions of the displays, and a central joint on the support bar allows the stand to adjust the angle between the displays, “

Now it would only be missing know if the patent is really going to materialize and its price. But doing so, taking into account the quality of Apple products, it sure surprises us.