The ECG function of the Apple Watch saves a life in Euriopa

One of the main novelties that reached the market by the hand of the Apple Series 4, in addition to the larger screen size, we find it in the ECG function, a function that little by little has been reaching more countries since it had to receive the authorization from regulatory authorities corresponding sanitary facilities.

This functionality, which has allowed many users to detect that suffered some type of abnormality in the heart, it will be renewed with the release of the next update for both watchOS and iOS. As stated MacRumors, Apple will launch with watchOS 7.2 and with iOS 14.3 the second version of the measurement algorithm.

According to this medium, the official documentation for iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7.2 shows how a second version of the algorithm used to analyze the heart rhythm it will be one of the novelties of both versions. The ECG function enhances the watch’s irregular heart rhythm detection which periodically measures in the background and notifies if signs of atrial fibrillation are found.

From MacRumors they speculate that this version 2 of the algorithm will allow the ECG application check atrial fibrillation at higher heart rates (when we are exercising, for example).

The expected date for the release of both updates is scheduled for December 14, along with the new subscription service Apple Fitness +, a service that will only be available after installing both updates.

Another novelty that will arrive with watchOS 7.2 is found in the notification that the device will send when blood oxygen levels fall below the set minimum, which is associated with possible heart problems for the user and their general physical condition.

It should be remembered that the blood oxygen measurement function has not required the approval of any official body as if it was the case of the ECG.